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Rain Proof Survival Fire Starter Lighter with Keychain Ring

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Survival Fire Starter Lighter

Ever wondered What If You Were Stranded ?

If you were stranded in a Life Or Death scenario... And You Needed Fire? 

Driving down the road on a family outing up the mountains of Colorado.  Then the you get to an elevation where the road has Iced Over, you swerve and lose control.  Now you have wrecked your vehicle with your family and civilization is a 2 day hike out of here.  

This simple little tool may just be what keeps you alive.  Fire is crucial in any survival situation.  

Keep it in your console, backpack, pocket, hook it to your belt loop. Just add a little lighter fluid or kerosene. 

This item is normally $19.95.

We are giving away absolutely FREE.

It's Free Because We Value Your Feedback.  

We are just asking that you give us your 100% unfiltered feedback.  

*After Receiving The Survival Fire Starter We Will Email You Or Call Just To Get Your Opinion If It's Lived Up To What This Could Do For You In This Survival Situation

*Only FREE For A Limited Time

**Limit Of 5 Per Customer

*We Couldn't Believe How Many People Have Taken This Offer

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